Thursday, June 28, 2007

sisters, sisters

all the girls were in grand rapids this week! Katy, Ellie, and Laura (and Bella!) all drove up to spend some time with us. Of course, we got right to work painting the town red.

The four of us (with poor Daniel doing his best to help but not get trampled) made some exquisite meals, if I do say so myself, including strawberry soup, farmer's market salad, fresh carrot-beet-grapefruit juice (not so popular) and apple-lemon-strawberry juice (very popular), quesadillas.... and just after we were so healthy, we ate lots of ice cream. We did some serious second-hand shopping, resulting in a painting for Ellie, a $5 silk prom dress for Kates, and some fun shoe-trying-on for me and Laura. We went for a walk/hike at Plaster Creek and watched two Indian-family films, randomly enough. Bend it Like Beckham and Monsoon Wedding... both come "highly recommended".

so, now poor Conrad is twitching in his sleep, dreaming of all the crazy playing he and Bella did, and my head is ready for a glass of wine and a pillow! It was sad saying goodbye to the ladies today, but the great thing about summer is we get to see each other a lot more than we expect. I would post pictures, but I need to wait for Katy to send them.... ahem. until then!

Monday, June 25, 2007

back from outer space!

so it's been a little while, huh?
I am officially in SUMMER mode now! This past Wednesday was my last day of work, and I have to tell you, I can't believe I made it. what a year. and now it's DONE. Thank God.

But just today I've actually begun relaxing. Thursday, Daniel and I drove a big van to Ikea (near Detroit) in order to pickup an entire kitchen for a new show some Calvin students will be shooting this Fall. I didn't exactly have to go, but I'm not one to pass-up a chance to shop at Ikea.

Then Friday and Saturday we went camping at Warren Dunes State Park with Conrad. That was a blast, but between our makeshift sleeping bags (a couple of blankets on the ground), Conrad being protective against every noise in the park, and a surprise rain shower about 3:00 am, it was a sleepless adventure. Saturday we ended up driving to my parents house and hanging out all afternoon.

So, finally today, we ended up taking almost a 4 hour nap this afternoon! And I'm still sleepy tonight! But I think we're off to a great start. Here's some pictures of our fun times for now...

Friday, June 01, 2007

Color me beautiful

I'm a sucker for these little quizzes... This quiz tells you "what color" you are. Apparently I'm Green: "You are a very calm and contemplative person. Others are drawn to your peaceful, nurturing nature." Sounds like me on a GOOD day... wonder what color I am on a bad day?