Friday, February 12, 2010

new blog!

This is not just any new blog... this is an instant favorite!  Lulu of LuluDK design is blogging and what a treat.  Feast your eyes on her Trail of Inspiration!

Friday, February 05, 2010

LOVE at first sight

These pitchers are lovely.

a spoonful of sugar

Last night was tax night for me. I like to get it done as soon as I can, and despite the ease that TurboTax brings, I always dread doing my taxes.  Fear of not having all the documents or miss-typing a number creeps in.  So, to make the medicine go down better, I made this amazing recipe: Northern Italian pasta sauce.
(not an actual picture of MY sauce, but it looked just the same)

What's the big deal?  Just pasta sauce, you say?  NO, cries Erin!  This is amazing!!  The trick: simplicity.  This is the easiest sauce ever (put on my radar from my wonderful friend Leesh).  I used my home-canned tomatoes from this summer, butter from Mooville Creamery just outside of GR, and an onion from Hudsonville (via Horrocks Grocery).  Plus, have I told you about our 25-lb. box of linguine?!  About 6 months ago I bought it at our little Italian grocery, Russo's, on clearance for $14 not realizing just how much 25-lbs of pasta IS.  I'll tell you what it is: amazing.  While we try not to dip into it too frequently, D. and I have taken to calling it our everlasting box of pasta.

Even if you don't have your own everlasting box of pasta, try the recipe.  You'll be amazed how well it pairs with the dessert of a good tax return!!!