Monday, October 22, 2007

autumn in GR

This past weekend through tomorrow (tuesday), Daniel's brother and sister in-law are visiting from Lima, Peru! We have had quite the busy time with them. First, it rained... actually, it poured, on Friday (their first day here) which wouldn't seem like much more than an inconvenience to us, but because it never rains in Lima, they were amazed by the weather. It was their first time experiencing rain in 5 years! We did some major shopping and went out to San Chez for tapas and sangria.

Saturday was so beautiful and 70 degrees out, so we took advantage of it by strolling the farmer's market and enjoying Meijer Gardens. I cannot believe I don't go there every weekend... well, it's $13 to enter, so maybe that's why. But what a lovely treat to visit that place. Sunday we took them to our church - which probably was very strange for them as they are not used to a liturgical service - and had lunch at our favorite Gaya Cafe. We walked through Plaster Creek park with Conrad and soaked-in some of the fall colors then shared a very "autumn" dinner of root vegetables, butternut squash, chicken, and apple pie with our friends Emily and Jeff.

so, it's been a very fun and invigorating time!! All of the seasons are so gorgeous here, but I really believe Fall is the very best. The food, the colors, the air... it all comes together. We've had a good time catching up and hearing funny stories about the family, very sad stories about the earthquake and the aftermath, and showing them our life here at Calvin and in Grand Rapids. It's been a nice little break in the midst of the semester to remember how to enjoy the place we live.

Monday, October 08, 2007

haircut time

These are some of my favorites... right now my hair is longish in the front and mulletish in the back due to lack of hair cuts for almost 3.5 months. yikes. so, the cuts that are shorter are more realistic... and the long red hair is just too cool not to put on here. If I had long hair and lots of money to keep up with dying it, that would be what I'd LOVE to do!