Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Simply the best


Oh, it's real.  Hours of entertainment are waiting for you.
(thanks KVGR, who has a special flair for finding amazing websites based on the word "regret")

Friday, October 01, 2010


Me knitting last winter (my hair is WAY longer now! But I'm still working on the same project as then.)
Thursday nights Daniel teaches and I have nothing going on, so they are my one alone evening of each week.  I love walking Conrad, watching TV, knitting, eating a real dinner (sometimes my only real dinner of the week).  So, while my Thursdays are blissfully unsocial, I love these ideas for more social evenings...
Thursdays.  These ladies have recipes paired with crafts for an evening with friends.  And the photos are amazing...
A much sexier knitting photo from Thursdays

I love blue sea

This is the coolest idea.  Sustainable seafood direct... makes sense for a midwest girl who knows it's all being shipped-in anyways. I really want to buy some oysters!!!