Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Story of Stuff

If you haven't seen this yet... it's good stuff - right? get it??
The Story of Stuff

Friday, August 22, 2008


Back at work this now. Hence, the *sigh*. Let's think about other things...

First... Sandra has arrived! She's living with us for this year and studying at Calvin in the Communications program. Tuesday night we picked her up from O'Hare and whisked her away to Grand Rapids, poor girl. Daniel and I are so happy to have her close; having this chance at getting to know our niece is such a blessing.

But, back up. The summer-vacation days are over, and we really enjoyed our summer in Grand Rapids. First, there was the renovations. We painted floorboards, stained furniture, and organized everything.

We have enjoyed our farmshare so much. Actually, now it's starting to get really exciting because we are finally getting some fantastic heirloom tomatoes and shiny eggplants. I went out to Trillium Haven one day and picked some beans... it's a beautiful, peaceful place that I didn't want to leave.

Of course, our trip to Florida was such a treat. Too bad we can't go in, like, February, but any time is okay with me. On the last day Daniel and I went on a snorkeling trip on a catamaran and saw the sunset. What a way to end the day! People who can go out on boats all the time are the luckiest.

Now we turn our faces to the school year and cooler weather. It will be a good year, I just feel it in my bones. Finally, for the first time I feel very comfortable and confident about my job. Daniel is wrapping up projects instead of starting them. And our house feels like it's really ours after all these projects and hard work. I say all this now because I'm still a week away from classes starting. Cross your fingers I'll still feel good then!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

2 years!

First things first, as I type I am sitting in almost 100-degree shade in Key Largo, FL. We flew here last week to meet up with Daniel's brother and his family for a quick little vacation before I head back to work. This is my first time in the Keys - really, my first time in Florida other than Occalla - and even though August is definitely the WORST time to visit, we are having a ball. It's very beautiful to be surrounded by nature, and seeing the family was such a treat. The place where we're staying is called Coconut Bay and it's perfect, small and quiet, plus we have free use of the kayaks.

The other thing is today is my and Daniel's 2 year anniversary! Yes, just two years ago we were in similar heat and humidity on the coast of Lake Michigan pulling ourselves together to have a wonderful, memorable wedding. This trip is a fun way to celebrate that day... especially now that the rest of the family has flown back to Peru and we have one day to ourselves. I won't spend a lot of time posting now, but when I get back in town I will post all about the many projects we've been working on at our house. August always seems like a crazy month, but because Calvin doesn't start classes until september 8, hopefully it won't be so intense. I have a couple conferences these next two weeks that I'm really excited about... the first is WillowCreek's "leadership summit". Well... I'm KINDOF excited about that one. Next is Practicing Resurrection up in Canada. If you're not doing anything the weekend of the 15th, come up and join the conference!!! It's cheap and valuable.