Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I know, I know...

It's been a while. In the last month and a-half I finished writing my master's thesis, flew to the lovely, grey Michigan to defend it (successfully, I might add!!), spent two weeks with my friends and family in the Midwest, then came back here and crashed into bed/couch (spending copious amounts of time on pinterest). PLUS, in my naive ambition, I decided to make most of my holiday gifts myself... so I'm still frantically knitting/jamming/baking/slicing/packing-up my days away. Honestly, I love every minute of it.
Which brings me to the planning portion of the season... Daniel and I are staying in Mobile for our first Christmas alone, and our first Christmas on the Gulf. So far, it's been wonderful. In an attempt to start our own traditions, we are cooking a super-duper, 5 course meal for Christmas Eve (both of our families do the big meal on the 24th), opening gifts at midnight (like in Peru), and doing stockings and a lovely breakfast Christmas morning (like my family does). The big thing for me, of course, is planning the menu! Here's what I'm thinking...
  1. Green salad w/ roasted pecans
  2. Oyster Stew w/ soda bread - white burgundy or champagne
  3. Fennel stuffed pork loin, roasted onions, cranberry-balsamic sauce, mashed potatoes (D's favorite) - beaujolais
  4. Cheese (from the local Elberta farm) and homemade crackers - port
  5. Panettone and biscotti w/ hot cocoa and rum
Um, yeah, that's a LOT of food, but I think we can handle it... plus this will be spread over several hours. Oh, and I haven't even thought about breakfast the next morning! Any suggestions???