Sunday, May 27, 2007

working weekend

We have spent the weekend working all over the house and yard! Daniel is organizing the basement right now, but I'm taking a little break... after a nap... after a lunch. Sooooo, yeah.

School is over for the summer! I work until June 15 and then it's adios for a month and a half! Talk about a deal. Becoming a teacher is looking more and more desirable. Between the benefits and vacation time, it's hard to complain. I'm staying busy wrapping up and planning (already) for the Fall, but it's so nice to have a very easy job for about a month. Not too long so I get bored, but long enough to keep me sane. This spring was just too busy for me and Daniel. We are READY for a break.

In other updates, we've sold the Honda Element (sniff, sniff) and bought a lovely Toyota Camry station wagon. This car is sweet... it has one of those backwards-facing seats and lots of leg room. Craigslist is amazing; we found this car in Chicago for $5000 and it has 60k miles on it! When I test-drove it, it felt like a new car. So, tomorrow we will go pick it up and hang out in Chicago for the night. Daniel has AVID training all week in Chicago, so Calvin is paying for a nice hotel room. yay! I've always wanted to stay in a nice hotel downtown. So, while he's in his training on Tuesday, I'll go for a quick swim on the roof, and then I'll be going to the "Art Institute" (a.k.a.: the Camper shoe store, American Apparel... I'll try to steer clear of Anthropologie, but I can't make any promises). Actually, it is the free day at the museums, so I will probably be there where the Michigan Avenue inflated prices cannot reach me.

So, a quick outline of our summer plans... In June I'll end work, we'll go to Philadelphia for a wedding, and we will be speaking Spanish only in 1039 Griswold. That's because July 15 we fly to Lima, Peru with Eddie for 3 weeks! I have to prepare! Right before that, we're going to try to get out to Maryland for the annual summer trip to the ocean, and I'm going to try to get a whole list of projects done! Daniel has a project he's working on for the Grand Rapids Community Foundation, and I'm helping with a community garden for developmentally disabled young adults. I guess we're going to be super busy! But it's fun busy because it's all choices. And I'll have more chances to blog and post pictures!

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