Wednesday, September 03, 2008

moving right along

Today is Katy's M-day: Move in to the dorm day! What a huge step. I remember my move-in day; it was the worst day of my life. I still feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it. But, as in many things, Calvin just knows how to turn this scary day into a fun, happy one. First thing, when they pulled up in the van to the parking lot, a group of students came out with grocery carts and hauled all the stuff to Katy's room for her! She's met her roommate, her Resident Director (who was an RA with ME when I was a student), and students on her floor. Her room is SO cute in it's pink and brown palette.

My mom, Kates, Sandra, and I ate lunch in Knollcrest dining hall where Katy met more amazing people. I enjoyed some superman ice cream - Hudsonville Creamery can't be beat. Here's a picture of the two ladies who lunch...

Now they are getting some last-minute shopping in before the final cookout where the parents say their goodbyes and the students start their "Quest" (the second phase of orientation). Everyone is happy with tummies full. My mom said that she just feels so much better leaving knowing that at the very moment she leaves, Katy is with new friends doing fun things - not sitting alone in her unfamiliar room wondering what's next or where to go.

And, needless to say, I am just bursting with joy to have both Katy and Peter at Calvin while I work here with Daniel. The group of us have already designated Monday nights to be home-dinner nights where Peter and Katy will accompany me, Sandra, and Daniel home to cook and share dinner together. I'll probably cry at the first couple b/c I'll be so happy. I hope they are as happy about their new life here.


Leesh said...

so glad that you could be a part of her move-in day...we-haul!

Anonymous said...

Haven't told you for a long time how much I enjoy catching up with you and all your love to all and God bless.....Mema