Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This post comes via my new (old) computer! Daniel bought an older Mac computer from a coworker that now proudly sits on the desk in our guest room. So, the new and improved Erin has access to a computer all her own... FINALLY. Part of me really wants to buy a laptop, but I hate the idea of emails getting to me at all times and in all places. I like to leave my work at the desk and get on with the fun things in life.

The other cool thing about actually having a computer is that I can post here a lot more now. I love reading blogs and hate it when people don't update for months... and then I remember that I do that! oops. Now I have no reason or excuse to do that.
In case you missed the HEAT wave hitting all of the midwest and southeast, summer is here with a vengeance and so much is happening around town. Recently, we took a walk at Riverside Park near downtown Grand Rapids, and came across a dog festival/convention of some sort. There were australian shepherds doing amaziing tricks.
Conrad, our australian shepherd, tried to do some of his own tricks later, including running through water and mud as much as he can before getting in the car. I was not as impressed.

It's so nice to just hang around town. Usually in the summer Daniel is travelling a lot and I'm travelling a little too. This time we are staying put as much as we can and enjoying our neighborhood and city. There's so much going on around here; it's really wonderful. Free jazz concerts at the GRAM Friday nights, not-free concerts at Meijer Gardens (just saw Indigo Girls last week!), the Fulton Farmers Market, u-pick fruit, movies at the cheap theater... there's way more. So, I'll just keep posting away! Until then..

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