Thursday, January 28, 2010

mini break

January means interim or J-term at the school where Daniel and I work, and it's tiring and busy and endless.... until now!  It just ended!  Celebration is in order, so off we go to Chicago.  The new semester will start Monday, so we have to live it up while we can...
Generally when we take trips anywhere we try to do a lot while still allowing time for wandering (my favorite thing to do in life, really.  I wander through grocery stores, libraries, bookstores, books, knitting projects, recipes, blogs, my neighborhood, my workday... It's way better than charging through or power walking or stopping all-together).  Here's my list for this time:

  • see brother Edward at his Hyde Park apt.
  • Probably I'll hit TJ's
  • Spend as much time and money as I'm allowed at the Chicago French Market.  Oo la la!  With vendors selling local grass-fed meat, cheeses, truffles, bread, wines... the list goes on! I won't be able to drag myself away.
  • Ikram's annual sample sale... not that I afford anything anyways.  But I have an excuse to take a look!
  • Maybe this movie at this theater.
  • Try Longman and Eagle Gastropub (2657 North Kedzie Ave.) with it's 60 bourbons and daily menu based on local goods.


Joy'l Ver Heul said...

hooray for mini vacations! enjoy! i love chi town...

Leesh said...

super jealous that you're visiting the market. promise to take pictures? heck, i should just ask daniel to do that since he's the one with the camera around his neck. enjoy the windy city and all of simple pleasures.