Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Too much or just perfect?

I've been dreaming of renovating our little galley kitchen for four years.  Nothing huge - just little things to modernize it and bring some design-love to the outdated space.  Of course, I have been storing up ideas for all these years... here's a new one: Black Tile for the walls.  Hmmm... too dramatic?  I want the kitchen to be all black and white w/ a little grey/green.  What do you think?

by Joe Maer via Desire to Inspire


leesh said...

near perfect. i actually really like that look and think your kitchen would look amazing. ps. love the blog's updated look.

Amy Scheer said...

Trying to picture this with my limited imagination, but I'm thinking it would be really cool. Especially in your hands, because you have a gift for this stuff. I'm sure you'll have it looking great--but is replacing tile really a "small" renovation?!?!?!? (if you say yes, come on over and take care of some small stuff for me!)