Sunday, September 04, 2011

raining cats and dogs

Well, Hurrican Lee in Mobile has just meant rain like you wouldn't believe. It's really lovely, actually, albeit, completely wet... everything that's not shut tight away behind closed doors is completely soaked. It's like there's so much water in the atmosphere, being sheltered out of the rain does not really make much of a difference; outside = sopping. I am happy to be safe in our home with the pups and Daniel.

All this humidity, combined with slightly harder water maybe (?), has done a number on my hair though. What a silly thing to worry about, right? But all things considered, not having a clue as to what's going on with my hair is unsettling. In Michigan, my hair was reliably super dry, but with the right moisturizer, it was so so so easy to just let it fall where it would. All of a sudden, now, it's dry in patches, oily in others, and altogether limp. It won't get curly; it won't be straight. Curling irons are no weapon against this humidity, believe me.

So far, in my mind at least, my possible solutions include good moisturizer from the middle to the roots and then curlers overnight. That or chopping it super short again (although this is a risky solution because short hair can be tricky too). Another solution is to try and do the whole up-do thing... my inspriation...
Any tips on how to solve my teeny tiny problem??

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