Sunday, February 04, 2007


The snow outside is so beautiful! Even though we have been snow-bound since Friday night I have to admit, I LOVE this. We have food, we have heat, and it's been amazing to just hang out in the house. Originally, the plan was for me to have an event until late on Friday night, then go to a conference ALL day Saturday. YUCK! So I'm very happy to get to stay home and relax.
Yesterday we cleaned the house hard-core. My best friend, Emily Zangaro, recently started working at Wood TV 8, and she was reporting out in the cold all day. The roads were too dangerous to make the drive back to Lansing, so after the 11 o'clock news, she came over and stayed here. Seeing her was so wonderful. Conrad really loves her; he kept running up to her and licking her while wagging his tail.
Church was canceled today and now I'm trying to work up the energy to clean off the car and drive down the block to the video store... Daniel and I are hooked on the Sopranos. Thank God for snow storms!!

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jen roth said...

Its been years here in southwest Michigan since we've had a chance to get snowed in, and I am milking it for all its long as I have a sufficient amount of the appropriate foods and beverages, I'm really okay with being stuck 'til spring...The only better thing would be to still have the Christmas tree up: the combination of tree + snow-in would have me swooning...