Friday, April 06, 2007

light to eat by

Finally we found the perfect dining room lighting! And you'd better believe it's a pink chandelier. Think of it as whimsical. I saw it in an antique store window in East Town. So the room looks so good now - although now that the lighting is strong, I think I need to do some touch-up painting... just when you think you're done...

What do you think?

We've enjoyed a half-cleaning, half-lazing day here at home. After a good breakfast at the Real Food Cafe we worked around the house, then crashed to watch "Babel". This may ruin the possibility of a film-writer career for me, but honestly, I did not like the film. Actually, several critics did not like it much either, so I guess I could be the snob of the snobs. We also have "Wordplay", a documentary about crossword puzzles, so I think we'll have to watch that to recover. Did I mention it's snowing outside?

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