Wednesday, April 04, 2007

movie and blog

We just finished watching "Hoop Dreams", an amazing documentary about what basketball means to young men in inner-city Chicago. I loved it. One of the most detailed and well-paced documentaries I've seen.

Tomorrow is a "Friday" for us... Yay for working at a Christian school! When I went to public school, Good Friday was an "optional" holiday, which you would think everyone would take, but most people had sports practices they couldn't skip, or didn't want to be seen as "religious fanatics". We were planning on going camping, back when the sun was out and we could see the grass. But now that everything is under 2 inches of snow and our winter coats have made cameo appearances, I think it's a great weekend for watching movies and cooking over the gas stove - not the campfire. No sense in wasting those marshmallows, though! Better stock-up on the wood for our adventure-less fireplace.

On another note, I'm loving this new blog I just discovered, How about orange. I really appreciate the DIY attitude.

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