Friday, February 08, 2008

there's a first for everything

I'm smiling all over as I write this... and it may be silly to be so proud of a simple thing. But I'm very proud because I've been published in this issue of my coworker's online magazine, Catapult (part of the *Culture is Not Optional network). PLUS, someone from Calvin read my article and now they are publishing it in a Calvin publication called "Hearts and Minds"!

If you haven't read any Catapult articles yet, check their back issues. There's some really fantastic stuff on there, and it's very fun and flattering for me to be a contributor. You can read the newest issue called A Field In Winter here.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations.....thatis great. You are a very talented writer and communicator and I am proud you are recognized for it.

Love to you and Daniel and Conrad...oh, and Peter!!! Mema

Erin G said...

that's a GREAT article! congrats - you're a fabulous writer. :)