Wednesday, March 05, 2008


We made it! It's now March, and the sun is out. What a month, that old February. One day longer than usual and it feels like it lasted a decade.

Winter has been so hard on us this year. Daniel's mom has had heart troubles and is scheduled for open-heart surgery, so he went to visit but ran into visa trouble, so he's been stuck in Lima for an extra week. My Grandpa Crosswhite had a spill on the Maryland ice and is still recovering from hip-replacement surgery. Some close friends of ours decided to separate because their marriage has been crumbling. Life comes at you fast sometimes.

But with the sunshine, things seem to be looking better. Winter may last another month, but it can't last forever. There are little signs of hope in each part. I think Daniel is en route to Grand Rapids right now, next week is spring break at Calvin, so I am taking some time off to just be at home and enjoy my time. The butterfly exhibit is now at Meijer Gardens, and it's always a treat.

My book club is reading Eat, Love, Pray, so I started it last night and it's very good, so I plan to finish it as slow as I can. Over break, I have lots of plans to choose from. Like trying some new recipes. The latest Catapult issue is again about food, and I'm inspired to buy some new (well, used actually) cookbooks. For a while now I've had my eye on Extending the Table, the Alice Waters book, The Art of Simple Food, not to mention Michael Pollan's, In Defense of Food. So many books. Those are just a few on my FOOD list. Actually, Daniel and I are gathering a list of food movies (complete with appropriate snack suggestions for each) to contribute to the next Road Map from Catapult. So, we may have to spend some time watching movies. Tough life, I know.

Speaking of movies, my other plan for spring break is to try a little of this. A day without a phone/computer/TV/iPod and on and on. In small doses, sounds like peace.

On the days when I'm not taking vows of technological-silence, I will be here happy to share the little goings ons!

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