Sunday, September 13, 2009

canning what i can

Finally, I got to some good canning today! I did Dilly Beans for the first time, a few jars of tomatoes (from my garden!), a repeat of that Peach-Rosemary Jam with the last of this summer's peaches, and some "Cheeky Chilli Chutney" from Jamie Oliver. Whew! Oh, and during all of this, I slow roasted some sweet grape tomatoes - another first for me. They're pretty great. Daniel loves sundried tomatoes and these are similar.

Our garden is starting to show signs of the end of a wet, cold summer. It's finally warmed up, but too late. The blight that hit all of Michigan got the tail end of my tomatoes, so I have a plethora of green tomatoes. Any recipe ideas? Peppers are in and amazing, and I still have lots of chard coming along. But that's about it for produce for us. For a first summer of gardening, I'd say we did well. I'm already dreaming of a big herb garden for next year and maybe a nice green beans tower.


Leesh said...

you inspire me. i can i be you?

Anonymous said...

Still have green tomatoes? Check this one out:

I'd cut back significantly on the lime juice unless you REALLY like lime. Hope you're feeling better today!