Thursday, August 18, 2011

blurry days

I finally found my camera! So, from now on... pictures! Until I take some to share, here are a few places I've explored in Mobile...
pretended like I could afford to even look at in this amazing store (looking is free, right?)
wandered here for like 2 hours today. I'm in antique heaven, I tell you.
enjoyed the catch-of-the-day at Queen G's. Honestly, might be the best meal I've had here yet. I could have eaten straight-up a whole platter of the brown butter green beans.
visited (my super nice) Winn Dixie about a dozen times already.

On the docket: Daniel and I joined this Mobile On Bikes fb group, and we're going on a ride this Saturday evening where we ride to 3 sweet bars/restaurants with the group. Today Daniel's new colleagues, one of whom founded said fb biking group!, invited me to their potluck and the table was full of shepherd's pie, enchiladas, salads, stewed okra, ceviche (my contribution), deviled eggs... even better than the food, these folks are wonderful and laid back people; I'm really excited for him to have such good people surrounding him every day.

Little things are falling into place bit by bit. We FINALLY got our washer and dryer and our hot water turned-on so we have clean laundry and hot showers (truth be told: the lukewarm showers were actually so refreshing, I may not give them up entirely). I can now get to several places without obsessively pouring over the map before setting out. Every evening I've been biking our neighborhood; I'm in awe at how different and beautiful this place is. Okay okay, pictures are coming!


Jackie said...

sweet! can't wait to see pics. it's good to know you're meeting folks and having some fun adventures. :)

leesh said...

yes, YOU'd bring the ceviche...come back so I can eat it!