Sunday, August 21, 2011


our bikes waiting for us outside of Callaghan's

In preparing to move to Mobile, as you can imagine, I was so curious about our new home. I started trolling the internet for what life is like in this far away place, and wondered if we would find things that we already like along with the new-found joys. And you know, I found so much! This is a place with no shortage of things to do, especially now that we don't have 6 months of sub-zero cold! Hooray! So, as a 5th year anniversary gift, Daniel and I bought each other really nice bikes, and in order to make sure we could use them well, I searched for what biking in Mobile is like. Lucky for me, I found a facebook group called "Mobilians On Bikes" or MOB, and this group chimed in with helpful suggestions for biking around the city (even things like, "wait til October to ride!" ...well, I didn't say I was following all their advice). Even better: they organize group rides. Last night, we became MOBsters and participated in a sweet group ride all around downtown that stopped at the 4 pubs that have bike racks.

What an amazing way to get to know this new place, right?! After pub #3 I was especially glad to be on a bike even if the ride was getting a little wobbly - between the heat, the exercise, and the libations I think I'm going to have to take serious water bottles on future MOB rides. The folks we met are friendly and interesting; the city is lovely (albeit, still humid at 11 PM); I discovered some great, fairly local microbrews like Sweet Water 420 and Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan at super cool local places like OK Bicycle Shop that is still a functioning bike shop while being a bar/restaurant; all in all - being a Mobilian on her bike (learning to hydrate like it's my job) totally exceeds my expectations. We ended the evening at our new friends - Todd's and Karen's (the super stylish riders with their balloons, high heels, and hat) - beautiful midtown house that is full of of artwork and mirrored walls (very cool!) over one last drink that we savored together until the wee hours of the morning.

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