Wednesday, March 07, 2007

it's been a while...

I know I haven't been blogging very much lately. This past month has been so packed, I can't even remember much. Lots of weekend events, lots of evening meetings, mountains of snow everywhere, and new projects popping up at every corner.

The latest news around here is we are downsizing our transportation. Seeing as we both work at Calvin everyday and try to spend our weekends together, we don't really need 2 cars much. So, we've decided to sell the Honda Element (sniff, sniff). We both feel really great about this decision as it will save lots of money in payments and fuel, and the driveway space will seem so big now! For a couple of days we flirted with the idea of promoting the little Jetta to a station wagon... I've had my eye on a nice blue, manual Toyota Matrix. But, for now, the Jetta is a great car and if we decide to invest in a second (used) car a year or two from now, the Matrix will be it!

This coming weekend Daniel will be in Chicago at Northwestern University for a big conference, and I will be here in GR hosting a fashion show on Saturday night. So we have a full weekend ahead, but soon we leave for "spring break" (it's 10 degrees outside, so I don't know who thinks it's spring). We are driving out to Washington, D.C. to visit G-pa and G-ma Crosswhite, cousins, and Alejandro and Mariali and their little baby.

So that's enough catch-up. My job is getting better and better as I learn more about my own way of doing things. At first, I felt like I had to be like the person who had my job previously and it's hard to live up to imaginary expectations. But lately I've felt more confident in my own way of approaching the position. This has allowed me to enjoy my time at work more. The students I work with are amazing. Really, that's the best part of my job - just talking with students (who stop by my cloffice all the time - sometimes too much). There are not really many staff positions intended for younger people, so I think students appreciate having someone close to their age but not in the midst of all the college craziness. And my fellow staff workers are amazing. We've started an office weight-loss challenge. Hehe... we'll see if we can all be thinner by June 15. Guess I have to quit driving by Jersey Junction every other day!...oh, I guess I won't have a car soon, so that takes care of that.

Today I found out some really exciting news... two good friends of mine from my student days at Calvin, Scott and Heidi, moved back to Grand Rapids 4 days ago and live practically down the street from me and Daniel! I am SO excited to have friends in the neighborhood. So, I think I'm going to plan a party to welcome them and invite all the different people I know in-town but can never seem to find time to spend with them. Maybe I can start some good social habits (instead of hibernating in my attic with a book or documentary every night). We've done so much work on our house and I can't wait to share it with other people.

Okay... Conrad is ringing his bell to go outside so I need to help him out before he pees on the floor! I promise I will be better about blogging from now on!

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