Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring forward... more like FAST forward!

Well, the week is finally winding down and I have my sights set on DC! As much as I love Grand Rapids, sometimes I just need to escape! Soon we'll be on the road, enjoying the beginning of spring scenery, eating homemade chicken-salad sandwiches, and listening to Sunday NPR programs (hooray for "The Splendid Table" and A Prairie Home Companion!).

But until then, March is flying by too fast. This week was supposed to be my planning ahead week, but ended up being my putting-out-fires week. One thing that was a highlight was that Calvin hosted a speaker from U of Michigan. She's the head of their media studies graduate program (which I've had my eye on since graduating from Calvin). I boldly introduced myself to her earning not just an introduction, but an invitation to meet with her in Ann Arbor to discuss the program! wow! So, even though it's 2 hours away, I'm starting to consider taking 1 or 2 classes in the program next summer(or even this summer?). Hearing her speak made me miss doing work I get excited about. Well, this job has its moments, but it's a lot more drama and long hours than I anticipated.

Speaking of this summer, a friend of mine here at Calvin has a 23-year old daughter with special needs, and she's looking to open up her home as a group home for young adults with special needs this summer. She's securred a share of farmland near GR, and she and I are planning on teaching this group about gardening. I think the plan is to grow herbs for tea, tomatoes, and some basil. Then, maybe sell the tea to local stores and bed and breakfast places. My job only goes until mid June, so I'm going to have some free time on my hands and thought this would be a great use of it.

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