Tuesday, June 17, 2008

cut and color

I just got back from a haircut, and Ben - my wonderful hair rockstar - did my makeup. He gave me this darkish lip color and it makes me feel so different. Fun for a while (until I eat something or stop by the water fountain). No worries, I didn't go Agnes Dean short again. Those punk urges are behind me now... today just a nice suburban trim.

Daniel called from Bali and said everything is good. He's with some very interesting people who are really teaching him a lot. They visited a batik "museum" and workshop, and he said it was very cool. It seems that they are keeping super busy without much free time. Too bad... He could have had an Eat, Love, Pray experience where he'd learn how to love himself by finding his "word" and then appropriating other cultures' religions (okay, caustic comments aside, it's a fun read). But I guess he will get to have a day of snorkeling, and that makes me jealous.

This morning Eddie arrived back from his training time in Japan. Between the time he called me at 6 and when I arrived to pick him up at 6:40, he'd managed to not only eat breakfast and talk his way out of an other hour of standing around waiting for final formation, but he'd also managed to squeeze in gathering his gear and throwing another Marine in the Grand River. Yes, it seems he had a busy morning, that guy. Apparently, this is what is done when it's the end of someone's commitment to the reservists. Another reason on the ever growing list of why I'm glad I'm not a Marine. Note to self: on his last day of duty, let mom and dad pick him up.

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Anonymous said...

hey, haircutter. do you have an e-mail address besides work that you check more often in the summer? I just sent you an invitation to our house tomorrow night, but I'm not sure you'll get it in time (I'll try to call, too).