Friday, June 13, 2008

new life

My yard is making me so happy this spring. The flowers in the back: iris, peony, lavender, are so vibrant and happy. This year, Daniel and I discovered these roses that haven't shown up in the 2 year's he's lived in the house! Aren't they magentastic?? (that's a combination of "magenta" and "fantastic"... not so good if I have to explain it, I guess).

I've never considered myself a gardener because I don't particularly enjoy the work of weeding, mowing, even planting. But this year, after doing all that work, I'm beginning to see why people love gardening; it's so rewarding! The pinks, whites, and purples all around my house are like little treasures. Now, I'm catching myself dreaming of planting more because I'm addicted to that feeling of accomplishment mixed with miraculous wonderment. Speaking of which... a few weeks ago I discovered that "Leroy", the red cardinal who hangs by (read: bangs against) our front window, and his gray lady-bird friend had built a little nest. Not too long afterward, there appeared 3 speckled little eggs! I tried to take a picture of the lady-bird friend (from inside the house), but she flew off when Conrad ran over to see what I was doing.

You may be able to just barely see the eggs in this picture. Soon, if she stays around long enough, there will be some babies!! Thankfully, it's a super thorny bush, so I don't think they need to worry about cats. I am trying to remember that nature can be cruel (I can no longer watch the Blue Planet series because I get too upset), but I think they're all going to make it!

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