Monday, June 09, 2008

new camera!

Daniel left for Indonesia yesterday (sniff, sniff), but not before giving me the cutest, coolest digital camera! So, we've been snapping pictures left and right. Now, I just have to keep posting them here. The above shot is from this last Thursday; we escaped with the dogs from the graduation party (for my amazing sister, Katy) down to the beach for a little while. Between the intense thunderstorms we've been getting, there are these clean, sunshine little moments.

These pictures are from our first CSA pick up! Since there was some late frost (right after a week of early heat), it was slim pickings, but I'm so excited regardless. Our lettuce was delicious, and we got a small shrubbery of green onions. Any recipe ideas??

Now that I have this treat of a companion (my purple coolpix), I'll be posting lots of photos!! Stay tuned

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