Friday, June 13, 2008

my moment of glory

So much happened this last semester that I never had a chance to share with anyone! During the Festival of Faith and Writing (an all around amazing event) I got to interview one of my favorite musicians: Sam Beam of Iron and Wine! It's embarrassing how geeked I was for this. We held the interview in the chapel and quite a few people came to the event. You can listen here to the entire thing! In case you cannot tell, between my nerves going crazy and the adrenaline that comes from meeting someone I admire so much, I was shaking almost the whole time. And he was a tough cookie - which I'd been warned about way in advance. He walked in to the chapel, I shook his hand, we put-on our mics, and walked out on stage. yikes. Looking back and listening to it again, it went well. Daniel took some GREAT pictures, but I cannot find them at the moment. I'll post them soon as I have them.

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